Inspirit IoT, Inc. is an Intel IoT Solutions Alliance Partner delivering low-latency, high-throughput vision analytics leveraging standard Intel®FPGA hardware for acceleration with customized Intel®OpenVINO AI deployment. Inspirit’s high performance, low power, edge-deployable vision analytics solution, running on affordable Intel-based server platforms enable high-security and high-privacy deployments through 100% local analytics processing.

Inspirit’s suite of visual analytics provides scalable components for end solutions including facial detection and recognition, object detection, pose estimation, gait recognition, and optical character recognition. Inspirit’s visual analytics are available to US Export Control Regulation-compliant OEMs and System Integrators. Inspirit Engineering Consulting Services are available for integration, performance tuning, and solutions customization.

Product Features
Real-Time Face-Detection and
Recognition System
Database Synchronization
Live Update Enhancements


  • Greater than 100 faces per second, with accuracy at 99.8% + -0.2.
  • Local server or Cloud-based storage.
  • Real-time meta-datastream collection.