Facial Recognition in Gaming

From attendance management and access control, to identifying registered sex offenders or people of interest in school campus zones, Inspirit IoT’s Facial Recognition platform enables high-speed recognition in embedded systems.

  • Improved privacy and data retention
  • Reduced cloud reliance
  • Improved scalability
Senior Living

Provide more independence and freedom to senior living facility users with intuitive facial recognition systems that don’t rely on physical tags. Respond quickly with real time tracking and reduce management overhead with intelligent systems. Reduce liability risks with comprehensive coverage of the facility.

  • Wander management with designated areas
  • Track care recipients and caregivers
  • Keep the data private and onsite
Care for Aged - Inspirit IoT
Facial Recognition in Retail Shops

Identify high value customers and match to sales targets, spot known shoplifters, understand the difference between high traffic locations and your demographic targets. Inspirit’s Facial Recognition delivers secure, high-throughput embedded identity recognition to improve customer service, identify theft risk and understand demographic opportunities.

  • Private local customer database
  • Local computation and analysis
  • Low latency, high-throughput deployment
  • Value add analytics for demographics and traffic measurement
Worksite Management

Maintain access control for authorized staff, contractors and visitors, and manage situational awareness: where are the staff onsite? Are they authorized to be in those zones?

  • Validate authorized staff, contractors and visitors
  • Get alerted for unknown or unauthorized people
  • Local, private database and processing without internet connection
Facial Recognition in Worksite
Commercial - Face Recognition
Commercial Properties

Improve throughput of sign-in processes for commercial properties, manage white-list, black-list and visitors with our high performance, high accuracy, privacy-oriented facial recognition systems built on Intel hardware.

  • 100% Local Identity database
  • 99.8% or better accuracy
  • High-throughput and low-latency check-in process
  • Local registration