From attendance management and access control, to identifying registered sex offenders or people of interest in school campus zones, Inspirit IoT's Facial Recognition platform enables high-speed recognition in embedded systems.

  • Improved privacy and data retention.
  • Reduced cloud reliance.
  • Improved scalability.

From identifying high value customers to spotting known shoplifters, Inspirit IoT's Facial Recognition delivers secure, high-throughput, embedded identity verification to improve customer service for known customers and identify theft risk.

  • Improved privacy with local customer databases.
  • No reliance on cloud connection.
  • Improved performance and throughput for edge deployments.
Worksite Management

Ensure that only authorized staff are at your worksite, through our situational awareness and facial recognition solution, running on advanced, low power Intel technology.

  • Validate authorized staff as a whitelist.
  • Get alerted in case of anomalies, for immediate action.
  • Low power consumption drives efficient installation.
Commercial Properties

Handle faster sign-in processes for commercial properties with our high performance, high accuracy and compact facial recognition systems built on Intel hardware.

  • Streamlined check-in process.
  • Large identity data-base.
  • Simple registration.
  • 99.8% or better accuracy.