Access Control in Public
High Performance

The facial recognition solution can process greater than 100 faces per second at 99.8% accuracy while collating multiple camera feeds - improving response time and accuracy in detection and tracking.

Edge computing

Processing the data onsite reduces latency, cost of bandwidth utilization, power usage and compliance overhead compared to cloud solutions. The compact form factor enables easy integration to existing systems.

Facial Recognition Diagram
Integrated Architecture

The integration with WiseNet ensures a high performance architecture that blends face database management, hardware management, API server and remote support capabilities.

Senior Living Solutions

Inspirit IoT's solution gives freedom and independence to Senior Living residents while keeping them safe using non-intrusive technology.

Senior Living facilities gain from savings on manpower, device and maintenance costs. Both caregivers and care recipients can be tracked, reducing abuse incidents and liability risk.


Inspirit IoT's Senior Living solutions provide no-tag, no-touch technology for Wander management, Access control and Surface Contact monitoring.

Download an overview document with several scenarios showcasing how Inspirit IoT's solutions can deliver a better outcome for Senior Living facilities.

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Status Solutions

Status Solutions delivers senior living solutions across Canada and the US. Status Solutions is the pioneering provider of situational awareness technologies for life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification. Customized software solutions ensure that the right information reaches the right people automatically via portals and dashboards for faster, more efficient communication, monitoring, compliance and safety.


Velasea is a full-service OEM distributor that handles highly complex integrations around physical security, retail analytics, computer vision, and artificial intelligence (AI) on behalf of numerous technology partners and system integrators. Velasea has chosen to team up with Inspirit, due to their deep expertise in accelerated and efficient visual analytics combined with a unique approach in delivering end-to-end value.

Technology Partners

Inspirit IoT is an Intel IOT Solutions Alliance partner - and partners with Intel to develop and deliver machine learning solutions. Inspirit IoT is also an Intel Technology partner - to enable AI inference on low power-Intel FPGA's. As an IBM business partner, Inspirit IoT provides DNN optimization and HLS design solutions for IBM customers.


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Access Control
Wander Management
Wander Management
Surface-contact monitoring