Face Recognition - Aged Care
Aged Care

Facial recognition driven situational awareness systems improve independence and freedom for care recipients and reduce liability, management cost and response time for care givers.

Face Recognition - Access Control
Access Control

Eliminate fatigue and error while increasing speed and accuracy of access systems with a high speed high performance facial recognition system that can process greater than 100 faces per second.

Facial Recognition Diagram
Integration with WiseNet

High performance architecture that blends face database management, hardware management, API server and remote support capabilities to deliver edge-based solutions that keep the data onsite.

How fast can you respond?

Our real-time systems don’t just see, they understand -- authorized or unauthorized people, detecting equipment and objects, activities… and how all of these together may present an opportunity or a threat. Seize the moment; help avoid incidents or take advantage of opportunities.

Inspirit’s facial recognition systems can monitor live video and match people to large databases of watch-list, known-safe and unknown identities to enable reliable event and alarms management without the fatigue or error rate of manual monitoring.

Edge Computing for Performance and privacy

With edge-based solutions, your data is stored and processed locally; your data is safe with you: in your networks, on your servers… never sent to the cloud for analysis or processing. Edge solutions enable lower latency processing, reduced cloud bandwidth and computation expenses, and enable compliance with privacy regulations.

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Public Facial Recognition
Always Focused

High accuracy with no fatigue or distractions. Always focused on the job and improving over time.

Facial Recognition - Construction
All Environment

Systems that recognize users and understand the environment, even in challenging visual conditions.

Facial Recognition in Party
High Speed

Low latency, high throughput processing of live video, matching against large databases to give fast, actionable results.